Fascinated with Kiholo Bay

Our longing for exotic and secluded real estate continues with one of the Big Island's most intriguing places - Kiholo Bay. The world is full of amazing locations but none are like that of Kiholo Bay. A place with dreamy turquoise ocean blue hues coupled with ancient lava flows that once met as one. Lagoon swimming areas all to yourself along several miles of coastal beach frontage all to yourself. It is no wonder that those lucky enough to own a piece of this splendid paradise have cherished it for years to come.

Once you arrive at Kiholo Bay the Mitchell Estate Bali House and Earl Bakken's Estate Home are to the left along the shoreline. On this side is Queens Bath too. If you go the other way from the parking lot to the left you will run into Loretta Lynn's Home and to the farthest left is Lauhinewai at Kiholo. The wilderness park of 4,500 acres helps to protect Kiholo Bay and it's picturesque tide pools. The calming turquoise hues will leave you mesmerized by views that will be hard to match anywhere else in the world.

The Hawaiian history here is unfathomable and second to none. There is much marine life to explore along with ancient fishponds and smooth black lava fields everywhere. The best feature at Kiholo Bay is the 2-3 mile hike down to the lagoon and island at the end on the right hand side. Bringing lots of water as an absolute must. You will be rewarded with private swimming points that offer see through ponds and blue ocean spots. The Paul Mitchell family donated the 7 acre property to the Nature Conservancy. Many aspects of important restoration work is now undertaking impressive levels of improvement and enhancement.

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