Beachfront Real Estate

Sept. 15, 2019

Hawaii's Million Dollar Luxury Homes With Remote Privacy and Exotic Water Access



When I was first offered a full tennis scholarship to the University of Hawaii at Hilo it kind of didn't really ...

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Aug. 17, 2019

Hapuna Beach, Hawaii - The Greatest Beach In the World For Luxury Home Buyers

Hapuna Beach - A World of it's Own

Hapuna Beach is a place that will never ever be matched by any other. There may be some beaches that are more exotic or have a different feel to them, but Hapuna Beach overall has everything.  This small little ocean stretch ...

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July 18, 2019

Hapuna Beach - This Beach Holds The Key To The Best Hawaii Sunset on the White Sands of the Kohala Coast

Hapuna Beach - Two Words That Mean So Much and The Real Estate is Most Likely Unmatched

These are by far probably the best 4 four photos that we have taken of Hapuna Beach's sunset in a very long time. Every night is spectacular but this evening was something else ...

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July 15, 2019

Hualalai Resort Custom Homes and Luxury Hawaiian Villas at Historic Kaupulehu

The Meaning Of Finding Yourself Lies At The Heart of The World's #1 Resort - This is the Four Seasons - Hualalai

As your plane touches down in Kailua-Kona there is that feeling that we all get. Be it for visitors or residents alike. We all know what that feeling is ...

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July 5, 2019

Kohala Coast Hawaii Luxury Homes - Luxury Big Island, Paul Adams, Broker

June 20, 2019

Kohala Coast Highest Priced Real Estate

Big Island Has The Most Ultra Luxury Listings In All Of Hawaii Combined

If you take Hawaii's finest homes and combine them into a "Top 10 Most Expensive" list you will arrive at some outstanding mega real estate in the tropics. It is no surprise that the Kohala Coast ...

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June 15, 2019

Who Owns The Beach In Hawaii And Who Has The Right to Access and Use It?

Hawaii Beach Access

A Closer Look Into How It Affects Real Estate Ownership

Beach access in Hawaii is a fairly common concern to owners, residents, and visitors alike. We all share and enjoy the beautiful beaches that Hawaii's islands have to offer. This article is written to delve a ...

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June 2, 2019

Billionaires Travel in Style and Seeing The Kohala Coast Real Estate Market Via Helicopter Is One Of Those Ways

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Offers Private Tours to Preview The Kohala Coast Real Estate Market in Style

I recently took the time to stop in to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters to discuss with them all that they are able to offer. Well, was I certainly surprised at how amazing this company really ...

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Jan. 10, 2019

What's In A Gate? When Only The Best In Hawaii Will Suffice Top 5 Gated Communities

Ever Wonder Why So Many Luxury Communities are Gated?

Below We Delve Into It In Detail and Identify The Top 5 Gated Communities on The Big Island

Obviously security is the primary reason but wait there is more to it than that. The feeling of coming home and adding that ...

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Jan. 2, 2019

The Best Hawaii Beach Photo of All Time - Mauna Kea Beach Resort

Imagine Taking A Photo That Looks Like An Actual Screen Saver?

Hawaii Luxury has never looked this good and the real estate surrounding it is another story of it's own. A few months ago I took this spectacular photo from the stairs below the main entrance lobby at the ...

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