Puako, Big Island Hawaii - Where Time Stands Still

Located along the Kohala Coast, Puako Beach has a long stretch of soft sand with almost no waves, a traditional beach protected by a large offshore reef. It is possible to snorkel very close to the reef at times, but there is a chance that the waters might be slightly cloudy at other times. It is possible that the water will be rough and choppy if a strong wind is blowing. In the Kohala Coast region of Hawaii's Big Island, Puako Bay is popular among snorkelers and divers because of the vast number of lava tubes, stunning coral reefs, and fish of all colors as well as a variety of marine life. Besides the tide pools, the rocky beaches are also attractive, offering interesting places to visit. A long white-sand beach in the bay makes for an ideal place to relax, but it can be risky to swim along the shoreline of the bay.

During the winter months, there is a high probability of the water being too turbulent for an enjoyable snorkeling trip. Summer is when the water is calmer, but it is still important for you to make sure that you are safe at all times. The beach does not have lifeguards, and it is easy to get swept away by the current and into coral reefs. If you are not careful, you might even become stranded at sea. You should therefore check the conditions of the ocean on the Internet, and then, while swimming, you should continuously keep in mind the safety of yourself and others. On the other hand, if the sea is calm, diving and snorkeling in Hawaiian waters will be at their best. Colors and wildlife are abundant at the reef's outer edges, but, as always, you should keep track of where you are at any given time. A trip to this spectacular stretch of coastline isn't limited to snorkeling and diving. When the tide is low, tide pools form in the bay, capturing small fish, as well as other animals in the water.

The rocky bottom of Puako Bay, as well as steep underwater drops, make Puako Bay a great place to swim with marine life and discover coral reefs. The visibility is remarkable on clear days, reaching as high as 21 meters (70 feet). For experienced snorkelers, this place is a favorite spot. The water, which can be rough at times, can only be accessed by strong swimmers. There is a picturesque beach nearby where you can stretch out on your towel, then next to it you can find the Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Reserve. In addition to petroglyphs, Puako Bay is also renowned for its Hawaiian petroglyph collection. It might surprise you to learn that there are hundreds of carvings found in the limestone rocks in this area, as well as a nearby preserve that gives insight into how they were made. Connecting with history is a great experience, as well as an opportunity to explore the history of America. 

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