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Tranquility, Serenity, and History... Puako is a very popular oceanfront residential community that you can find on the Big Island of Hawaii. It quietly sits along the pristine oceanfront coastline of the Kohala Coast/Gold Coast in between Mauna Kea and the Fairmont Orchid and Mauna Lani resorts. This is an ultra prime location for not only real estate investors, but for tourists and visitors wanting to simply enjoy that extraordinary vacation enthralled by Hawaii's historic waterfront past.

Short History

Over the years, Puako has acquired the reputation of being one of the most laid back weekend retreats for second homeowners. It's immediate access to the beach and shoreline make it a great vacation destination hot spot. This in and of itself has drawn the prices of real estate to continuously climb to new levels, especially for the prestigious oceanfront estates. At first, the history of Puako was more focused on locals who were living here and were primarily dedicated to fishing and various other forms of tourism focused employment. However, a lot has changed and this once sleepy fishing village has now become a distant memory of times go by. Today, residents choose Puako for it's quiet, calm, and peaceful way of life. Traffic is much slower and this has become one of the last left hidden secrets in all of Hawaii. Puako is strategically by far one of the best real estate opportunities for those seeking something different from the typical resort style lavish gated community forms of real estate.

Puako Real Estate

Traditionally, due to it's prime location, Puako has continued to set the bar for unique properties along the Kohala Coast shoreline of the Big Island of Hawaii. The average listing price in Puako is approximately 41,485,000. This includes vacant land sales, condo sales, and homes on both the ocean side of Puako Beach Drive and those on the Mauka side. There are also many properties that have had sales prices close and record between the $1 million range all the way up to $8 million and counting. So, there is no denying that you can easily find a variety of modest and even luxury real estate properties here in beautiful and desirable Puako on the Big Island. History shows relevance that prices are continuing to increase and go up in Puako. That is what makes it such an ideal investment in the main scheme of the bigger picture.

Activities and Attractions

When it comes to things to do in Puako, it is widely known for surfing, diving, and snorkeling. There are also whale watching adventures that come and go out of the Pauko boat launch area taking first time adventure seekers and returning visitors to view these majestic ocean creatures in their natural habitat. The VIP tours out in the water are second to none and you just have to get to know which ones are better than others. Venturing outside of Puako to explore the Big Island, you can go on waterfall adventures and hikes, including day trips to Volcanoes National Park. In the area, Puako Bay is a sight for the making as is a nice trip to Hapuna Beach State recreational park. Kayaking is one more common activity in Puako Bay. It is also possible to swim with dolphins if you are lucky and patient for a lifetime dream occurrence. 

You can actually find 6 separate beach access points at Puako. Despite the fact that it is not really a super long stretch of beach here, knowing you have 6 different areas to explore makes it super appealing. Especially, for those living across the street from the oceanfront homes or in the rare an amazing Puako Condominiums near the Puako Store. On top of that, seeing and exploring the protected reef and several tide pools is a dream come true for many. When the tide is lower, you can find small pools along the coastline with small fish and crabs galavanting around and across the black lava. The sea life in the area is magnificent. The real draw however, are the whales during whale season who can been heard signing and seen blasting out of the water into open air. Winter is a spectacle in Puako.

Exploring Puako is a great idea if you have not done so already. This place is like nothing else you will ever see. Buying luxury real estate in the area is something that many of us may never have the chance to do. If you are presented with the opportunity we recommend going for it and never looking back. Too many times, we have all said it or heard it being said, "I should have bought". With prices going up over and over again, it is easy to realize why more and more investors are choosing Puako over other destinations. Puako properties are at a premium, but for good reason. 

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Lowest Priced Listing Currently on the Market in Puako in the MLS - $1,290,000

Highest Priced Listing Currently on the Market in Puako in the MLS - $9,995,000

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Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor - Luxury Big Island