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Dec. 30, 2019

A Visit in Time to Jackie Rey's - Hilo

Luxury Hilo Town Dining Staple

This weekend our family spent some time together on the Hilo side of the island. Stopping into Jackie Rey's Ohana Grill for lunch was one of the best things we could do. We also enjoyed Rainbow Falls, Keaukaha real estate exploration, and even a last evening stop into Kozmic Cones - Hilo with the kids.

The location and ambiance of the restaurant is really what makes the place that much more special. Located in the heart of Hilo town just above Hilo Bay on the corner in the first ever Hilo bank. What a fantastic history it exhibits. Hilo in and of itself is an old quaint town.

It was a super sunny day and the hustle and bustle in downtown was really enjoyable to see. Jackie Rey's offers a wide selection of some of the best food on the island. Their unique artsy display also adds to the visit. If you ever have the chance to stop in it is certainly worthwhile.

Old Hilo town has other great things to do such as the Tsunami museum and Richardson Beach Park. Bring the family for the day and watch the turtles nesting on the shores. The beaches on the Hilo side of the island are at another level.

Jackie Rey's Ohana Grill Official Website - Two Locations Hilo and Kona

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Dec. 25, 2019

Fountains at the Shops at Mauna Lani

There is nothing like spending Christmas Day with the family down at Mauna Lani resort. Too many times we have all seen the long drawn out winters for those who reside up north. For some of us after 20 plus years it still does not get old living here in Hawaii. A visit down to Mauna Lani Resort and the features it has is a fresh and new reminder of what Hawaii coastal living is all about. This resort life should never be taken for granted. The Shops at Mauna Lani have some of the newest stores for all of your shopping needs. Several top notch real estate opportunities exist and maybe 2020 is the year for those who have been waiting to make the move.

The fountains are not always on so more than likely on the weekend is when they thrive. This photo was taken in the early evening just before sunset. The palm trees were also decorated nicely adding a festive ambiance to the already classy and high end look of this top world resort. Visitors are starting to come in larger numbers now is the weather has cooled significantly in Canada and West Coast. This week I cannot believe the numbers of visitors I have run into at my open houses just from Silicon Valley. An evening like this helps to ground all of us and enjoy Christmas in the Hawaiian Islands.

We are looking forward to an amazing and successful real estate year specializing in all that the Kohala Coast and it's luxury real estate market bring to our clients. Our website continues to improve climbing nicely on the Google and other search engine stratosphere. But, more than anything it is all about creating lasting relationships with our clients and friends. The Big Island of Hawaii is a small place even though it is called the Big Island. Everyone knows each other here. We are a family, we call it Ohana.

Dec. 24, 2019

Wishing All of Our Ohana and Friends A Very Merry 2019 Christmas and A Happy 2020 New Year From Luxury Big Island

Dec. 22, 2019

Kohala Coast's Big Island Whale Season Spectacle Has Arrived With a Splash

It is the time of year yet once again. The Whales from the Alaskan glacier waters have arrived for warmth and to give birth to their offspring. This annual spectacle can only be witnessed for it's true beauty in person along the bluest of waters on the Kohala Coast. The Big Island of Hawaii is home to scenes that almost resemble a national geographic documentary. Last week when I was on a showing my buyer clients and I witnessed a beautiful whale come straight out of the water with splashing authoritative demand. Then again just 3 days later while playing tennis, it happened to me again. This is only the beginning as it will go on all the way up until March. April and May. Just as if that were not enough, I had a visit with a tennis friend at his home that he is planning to see after the new year, and 3 whales sighting for me took place all in the span of 1 week.

Many believe that hearing whales singing at night can truly bring much soothing to our soul. If you ever wonder what it would be like to live in one of these fantastic gated communities on the Kohala Coast just ask those who do. Our friends have built their custom dream home in Kohala by the Sea from the ground up. As a matter of fact they built two. One for their parents and one for themselves. Located just a stones through from the most imperial pacific ocean waters of Hawaii, these stunning gated estates are only something most people on the mainland united states can dream about. Some residents would not give up their views and sounds of these majestic ocean creatures. The whales keep coming back for years to their beloved spot and sanctuary - Hawaii.

The truth is that even though the best sightings can take place from January to March the humpback whales are actually here from November until May. Yes all that time. For those who are not lucky enough to own one of these luxury homes you can also book a tour on a whale watching boat or cruise. There is also a super large following of volunteers who would love to have newcomers come on board to donate their time. Whale counts is just one way to get involved to help keep our ocean and marine life healthy and safe.  If you have never seen a large whale come up out of the water and make a splash, then you are in for a once in a lifetime surprise. The big question is whether you will be doing it from your amazing Hawaii luxury dream home or up close and personal from a tour boat. Two amazing ways to become one with Hawaii's wild outdoor and exotic ocean life.

Kohala Coast (Whale Sighting and Whale Watching) Gated Communities:

Recently Listed Kohala Waterfront Homes and Land

Recently Listed Kohala by the Sea Homes and Land

Recently Listed Kohala Ranch Homes and Land

Recently Listed Puakea Bay Ranch Homes and Land

Recently Listed Kohala Kai Homes and Land

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Dec. 9, 2019

Shopping the Fine Stores of Kohala Coast's Big Island Hawaii [Tiffany & Co.]

Kohala Coast is Not Just About Luxury Real Estate - The High End Shopping is Extraordinary Too

There are shopping experiences to be had all over this country. Outlet malls in West Palm beach to massive shopping hubs in Beverly Hills. The one thing you won't find in those places are places like the Kings Shops in Waikoloa or even private experiences such as Hildgund located downstairs below the main lobby at Hualalai Resort Four Seasons. These are all some of the best of the best in the world. You would never think that they would have such a beautiful array and display right here at the resorts located on the Kohala Coast. 

Tiffany and Co. has been around for many years now. In fact since 1837 in New York where it all began. You can ready about it all right here:

Tiffany and Co. history and information

When we all go on vacation we like to enjoy the finer things in life. This means a luxurious shopping outing can play a great role in making our already superior vacation even better. With stores like Na Hoku and Maui Divers it is no wonder that tourism plays such a large role in Hawaii's bottom line economically. With pricey homes and condos and luxury Hawaii real estate comes the attribute of living life like today is our last day. Our time on earth truly is borrowed. 

Na Hoku has really done well for itself. This is a store that my family and I have cherished in the islands for well over 20 years now. The great news too that many might not know about is that they carry a great selection of fine men's offerings. Watches, rings, and even bracelets are just a few. But what really captivates the hearts and minds of shoppers are the stories behind their work. 

Take a little bit of time to learn about:

Na Hoku and their fantastic island tradition

With all this focus on fine luxury jewelry and how it's pacific history is strongly rooted in some of their designs, it would only make sense to add that the real estate compliments it just right if you find the perfect place to call home. Below, we have put together some of our best choices and recommendations for 2019 of resort style communities that only the most pickiest buyers would want to see and show off to their families and friends. We love to focus on the best properties available, and this blog is simply no exception.

Our Top 5 Luxury Condo Picks for 2019 on the Kohala Coast of Big Island Hawaii:

1. Kolea

2. Halii Kai

3. Ka Milo at Mauna Lani

4. Hualalai Resort

5. Uplands at Mauna Kea

Dec. 7, 2019

Newest Listing - Mauna Lani Resort's Finest Luxury Ocean View Estate

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity on Hawaii's Kohala Coast

When we read the saying that states "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity" it usually makes our heads turn. This situation is no different. When amazing listings come on the market they are most often priced for much higher than they were previously acquired for. A unique listing is one that comes with features like no other, finishes exemplifying stature and class, and with a floor plan that flows beyond belief. Top notch architects know this, experienced realtors know this, and savvy home owners and investors are on the same page as well. It only takes a certain few to believe in these special one of a kind properties.

The owners of the spectacular home have decided to put it on the market to finally offer it to the next party that will cherish it as much as they have. We are going to be marketing this special home full out with all that we can. To be the best of the best you need to believe in what you sell. This is one of those times where we really and truly believe in a property for everything that it brings. The Koi ponds at this estate have the smooth meandering feel of running graciously along with the homes entire design. Ocean views offer something that no other property in the entire resort does at this greatly priced home for $2,900,000. Seeing it in person is naturally the right thing to do.

The Mauna Lani Beach Club is just a few steps away from this finely pinpointed cul de sac location. There are only 4 homes on Papakonane Ct. Unlike other locations within the resort that sit next to vacant lots, there is no uncertainly in this homes locale. Both properties on each side to the left and to the right are newer built homes with the one on the right just selling for $5.1 million. We are super excited to be able to offer something so unbelievably beautiful. With the lowest HOA dues at $388 per month the draw to this property is that once you have purchased it your overhead will be really low. The solar panels on the roof are super abundant making the energy savings costs an added benefit and feature. This is undeniably the best priced home on the entire Kohala Coast.

Active Newest Mauna Lani Resort Luxury Golf Course Frontage Estate Home

Upcoming Open House Schedule:

Sunday December 22nd 12-5pm 2019

Sunday January 5th 12-5pm 2020

Sunday January 12th 12-5pm 2020

Dec. 3, 2019

Coming Soon - December 7th 2019 Christmas Twilight Parade (59th Annual)

2019 Hawaii Big Island Christmas Parade

This Weekend You Cannot Miss Out On This Annual Event

It's finally that time of year again. A Hawaiian Christmas celebration in the mountain side town of beautiful Waimea. Get ready for hot cocoa and coffee as the many multiple rides and floats come by one by one exhibiting all of the best Christmas fantasy displays available. From lit up designs to music galore this year is sure to top those that came before it.

It is super hard to believe that 59 long years ago this tradition kicked off in it's simplest fashion and form. Today as we approach almost 60 amazing years there have been memories made at this wonderful get together that will never be duplicated again. This years theme is going to be as good as it gets and the residents who reside so close to this special town are even that much more luckier than others. 

Do not miss out on this free yet enchanting gathering of Big Island's community coming together to celebrate Christmas. The holiday season is among us and this is the time to enjoy life with our families and friends. The main roads will be closed from 5:30pm to 7pm so please make sure to arrive early and get a great location to settle down into. It's going to be an event as spectacular as those from years past.

2019 Theme:

"Our Community...Our Kuleana At Christmas and Always!

Additional links below to Big Island Christmas Parade information for the 2019 holiday season:

Official link to December 7th 2019 Waimea Christmas Parade Information

Official link to December 14th 2019 Kona Christmas Parade Information

Official link to Downtown Hilo 2019 Christmas Parade Facebook Page

Real Estate Opportunities in Waimea

Home to Parker Ranch one of the largest cattle ranches in the world, Waimea attracts many wonderful people especially those seeking cooler climates and a slower pace of life. The Paniolo (or cowboy) is prevalent in this area and those who live the country style life will be perfectly situated here. Below, we have comprised a list of some popular Waimea real estate searches to make it much easier to preview the latest and newest listings to come on market at the tail end of 2019.

All Active Waimea Real Estate Listings:

All Active and New Waimea Luxury Listings Over $1 Million

Waimea Real Estate Main Information Page

Dec. 2, 2019

What Makes Mauna Lani Resort Hawaii's Desirable Devine Attraction

Golf at Mauna Lani Resort Attracts Super Loyal Clientele

I'll never forget the first time that I entered through the beautiful Mauna Lani Resort entrance. It was exactly 22 years ago on a tennis outing while going to practice with my new teammates after just being recruited to play tennis for the University of Hawaii at Hilo tennis system. Young, eager, and full of life. That is the only way to describe my generation and myself back in those days.

Today it still seems as if time has stood still. The entrance remains as classy and presentable as ever. With it's lava rock lined pillars. Mauna Lani written in bright white lettering. This resort does not receive the credit is should. Some are attracted to Mauna Kea for it's density, others to Hualalai for it's superior luxury and Four Season brand. But, Mauna Lani sits quietly and lovingly on it's own offering all of that and more. 

The Fairmont is outstanding and in a class of it's own. The Mauna Lani Beach Club another level above and beyond. The Sports and Fitness Club has a layout that makes you want to stay for more than just a couple of hours. Then we take a look at the golf. Recently I have been spending a lot of time and hours putting on some of the best possible open houses you could ever imagine.

Take for example those coming in to visit these open houses. When we inquire with them as to what brought them through the answer is either they are here for the golf or the beach club. One would never even stop to think that so many golfers would become so loyal to a golf course that they do not even want to play another course. This afternoon I spent some quality time with one particular visitor from Korea, that told me he has never been more impressed than by Mauna Lani Resort's golf courses.

Auberge Resorts Mauna Lani Resort Main Site

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Dec. 1, 2019

New Construction Kona Hawaii Homes for $1 Million Still Available in 2019

Ever Wonder What $1 Million Will Get You On Hawaii's Kona Coast?

This past weekend I ventured out to preview a home for a client on the North Kona coast in between Puu Lani Ranch and Kailua Kona. Just before you get into Kona there are some fantastic opportunities off the north upper road referred to correctly as Mamalahoa Highway. Gated communities, sweeping 180 degree oceanic views, and best of all land. Finding homes in other parts of the country right now with ocean views for under $1 million is not a major challenge. Even on Oahu there are still great prices on homes with blue water in the distance. However, finding new construction on 1 acre is not going to happen in highly sought after areas such as the Kohala Coast or the Kona Coast of Big Island.

This particular property located at 73-1175 Akamai St. Kailua Kona was sure to please even myself, a luxury real estate broker in Hawaii who sees an abundance of pure Hawaii's finest real estate homes and estates. Hualalai Vistas is a new neighborhood so fresh that they are still currently working on the compiling the HOA board of directors and rules. These in my opinion are some of the best homes you can ever buy. Becoming close friends within a small community of neighbors is a really great way to start a new and luxurious ocean view life. This new developed home is priced at $1,065,000 and is now already under contract with a buyer. No surprise. The inventory right now is still very low considering that the market has cycled fairly well.

Other areas with these types of prices and views that buyers moving and relocating to Hawaii might want to explore Makalei Estates, Keauhou Estates, and in the rare occasion but prices have climbed at Bayview Estates. Puu Lani Ranch has gated community homes on one acre but the challenge in that beautiful location is to find a home with an ocean view. There is one stunning listing there right now on the rim edge of the community but it is priced at over $1.8 million. Some buyers love golf course homes, others love mountain views, but for the most part we can all agree that one of the finest attention grabbers to living on the big island of Hawaii is to having that much sought after ocean view.

The cost to build new homes in Hawaii can easily and quickly climb to well over $400/sq.ft. Within the resorts it can even go over $1,000/sq.ft. Contacting a luxury Kona Contractor - Lipps & Son would be just one way to get a better understanding of what it takes to build an award winning dream home.

Two other remarkable areas and communities that buyers have come to love are Iolani and Kona Vistas.

Top 10 things to do in North Kona Adventures - Trip Advisor.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Nov. 28, 2019

Buyer's Seeking Hawaii's Big Island for Dramatic & Noteworthy Ocean Views

3 Consequential Factors Related to Views

There are those moments in everyone's lifetime when we ask ourselves will this home be my last. For the many buyers headed to Hawaii this question can tend to be a serious one and an emotional trigger plays a role in this decision as well. The good news is that Hawaii is one of the finest places to retire with it's perfect daily climate, reliable infrastructure and safety knowing we are situated on American soil. The ocean views on the Big Island are where some of the real draws come into play. These days a luxury buyer is not looking for their home to be the same as their neighbors and they are also not looking for the same generic look. They want more and they want it now. Rightfully so, especially as you start dealing at the ultra luxury level.

1. View Planes & Distractions

Within high end resorts like Kukio and Hualalai it becomes all about the quality of view and whether there are any imperfections or distractions as we like to call them. Sometimes the view may be great but is blemished a little bit or tainted by the fact that a neighboring home is too close or their portion of their property is too visible. Other reasons that improve the quality of view planes may have to do with elevation or proximity to the ocean. Either way view planes are in place for the protection of future ownership and ensuring to a certain degree that when you pay top price for the finest and best you will have that forever view to last you a lifetime.

2. View Surroundings

One of the most in depth attributes we have learned to look for when searching for the best views are ones that actually offer a little bit of something with it. For example, we have had many conversations with buyers who do not just want a plane old ocean view if we can even call it that for that matter. They want something else. They want color and rarity. The want the best. A stunning coconut tree in the not too far distance can really add some dramatic backdrop to a blue pacific ocean views. The Big Island has one more really great feature and that is the mountains. Mauna Kea and Hualalai are two notable mentions that would not be the same if they were not a part of the million dollar estates offered to the best of buyers and those seeking pure luxury.

3. View Depth and Hues

It's an almost surreal feeling when you show property in North Kohala's gated communities spanning all the way down the coast to North and South Kona. The depth of the views and blue pacific ocean colors give off striking visions of Hawaii's real estate wonders. Buyer's from all over the west coast especially California and Washington are finding it much easier to locate a second home here to be able to get away and still purchase a really beautiful property at a reasonable price. Ocean views are one thing but for them to have some depth and distance is another. Colors from the green scenery offer added benefits to compliment them too. This place we call Big Island and it's Kohala Coast are favorable in that there are still really good deals to be found without the congestion and high prices found on some of the outer islands.