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Jan. 6, 2020

Dinner at Copper Bar - Mauna Kea Resort Top Location for Acclaimed Sunsets & Panoramic Ocean Views

A Picture Is Worth A Million Words - In Mauna Kea Resort It's More Like A Billion

This evening our family decided to go out to our first ultra luxury dinner since buying our newest home. It was a spectacular weekend and with all the hard work we have been putting in what better way to unwind and relax. The Mauna Kea Resort is now part of the Autograph Collection and to have dinner with the family was more than just special. The Copper Bar is well known for it's amazing lunchtime food and all around luxurious beachfront location and atmosphere. Dinner is at an even higher level. Tiki torches were lit, the resorts incredible renovations speak volumes throughout, and the service and staff were as friendly as it will ever get.

The beach has always been home to some of the most wealthiest owners and visitors who know that this truly is the absolute best place in Hawaii. The Kohala Coast might be special, but Mauna Kea Resort is the ultra highly sought after location for those who know that nothing better exists. Back in the mid 1960's when the resort finally opened it doors it was actually ranked as the #1 resort in the world. If you were a celebrity, high profile business person, or just super rich, this was the place to be seen. It is super amazing how times change but yet how many things still remain the same. For example, the huge wooden beams and pillars throughout the resort resemble masterpiece architecture that was certainly way ahead of it's time.

South Fairways and North Fairways are both great locations to own a home within the gated resort. With one of the best rated luxury tennis complexes in the country, you can stay in shape and find solace throughout the entire vicinity of Mauna Kea Beach and it's surroundings. Experience a round of of golf for the first time and you will see why it's loyal returning visitors keep coming back for more. The Mauna Kea logo is also super classy and unique. Simple and yet powerful. The orange stands out and makes a statement. With whale season now amongst us, the Mauna Kea Beach Resort and Copper Bar go hand in hand for some intimate sightings. If you have not come to visit this luxurious real estate mecca, then maybe it is time to book a trip to Mauna Kea Resort. The finest in Hawaii vacating and relaxation all rolled into one.

Jan. 3, 2020

68-1004 Papakonane Ct. - Tri-Fold Listing Brochure "Lucky Bennett" Designed Mauna Lani Resort's Newest Hot Listing

Jan. 2, 2020

First Luxury Big Island Open House of New Year - This Weekend Noon to 5pm at Newest Mauna Lani Listing 2020


Wine, cheese, meats, drinks, and pastries will be served.

A must see property for the discerning luxury buyers who have been patiently waiting for the best of the best.


68-1004 Papakonane Ct. Kamuela - Mauna Lani Resort [Open House] 1/5/2020

Jan. 1, 2020

New Listing Alert - Previewed This Waimea Hawaiian Country Gem Today For Canadian Clients - Best Deal of 2020

I previewed this incredible remodeled home today in Waimea for some really nice clients. It's the best deal on the market at this time in my opinion in all of Waimea. The sellers obviously did a great job in my personal opinion. From the fine woodwork, new appliances, finished downstairs all the way to the landscaping, not a single detail was missed. The only thing now that it really needs is a great new owner. With total of 5 bedrooms and 3 baths it is a home that has all kinds of potential. Investor alert along with extended living are just two options that come to mind right away.

With these type of ceilings where the natural wood blends in with the fine gloss high end painted white, it really brings out the natural lighting in the home. With all of the properties that we see as realtors who are busy going on showings all the time, it is really great to preview unique and one of a kind real estate here on the Big Island. Waimea is known to have some stand out properties that differ from most of the others. That is what makes it so appealing to live here. Also, it really helps to be surrounded by lush vegetation that is mature and well grown in.

Below is a link to this rare and well priced new listing in Waimea's green side of the Island:

Newest Waimea Remodeled Luxury Home in Hoonani Neighborhood - Big Island

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Dec. 31, 2019

Our Team at Luxury Big Island Wishing A Happy Hawaiian New Year, Happiness, Success, Joy & Prosperity To All...

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Dec. 30, 2019

A Visit in Time to Jackie Rey's - Hilo

Luxury Hilo Town Dining Staple

This weekend our family spent some time together on the Hilo side of the island. Stopping into Jackie Rey's Ohana Grill for lunch was one of the best things we could do. We also enjoyed Rainbow Falls, Keaukaha real estate exploration, and even a last evening stop into Kozmic Cones - Hilo with the kids.

The location and ambiance of the restaurant is really what makes the place that much more special. Located in the heart of Hilo town just above Hilo Bay on the corner in the first ever Hilo bank. What a fantastic history it exhibits. Hilo in and of itself is an old quaint town.

It was a super sunny day and the hustle and bustle in downtown was really enjoyable to see. Jackie Rey's offers a wide selection of some of the best food on the island. Their unique artsy display also adds to the visit. If you ever have the chance to stop in it is certainly worthwhile.

Old Hilo town has other great things to do such as the Tsunami museum and Richardson Beach Park. Bring the family for the day and watch the turtles nesting on the shores. The beaches on the Hilo side of the island are at another level.

Jackie Rey's Ohana Grill Official Website - Two Locations Hilo and Kona

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Dec. 25, 2019

Fountains at the Shops at Mauna Lani

There is nothing like spending Christmas Day with the family down at Mauna Lani resort. Too many times we have all seen the long drawn out winters for those who reside up north. For some of us after 20 plus years it still does not get old living here in Hawaii. A visit down to Mauna Lani Resort and the features it has is a fresh and new reminder of what Hawaii coastal living is all about. This resort life should never be taken for granted. The Shops at Mauna Lani have some of the newest stores for all of your shopping needs. Several top notch real estate opportunities exist and maybe 2020 is the year for those who have been waiting to make the move.

The fountains are not always on so more than likely on the weekend is when they thrive. This photo was taken in the early evening just before sunset. The palm trees were also decorated nicely adding a festive ambiance to the already classy and high end look of this top world resort. Visitors are starting to come in larger numbers now is the weather has cooled significantly in Canada and West Coast. This week I cannot believe the numbers of visitors I have run into at my open houses just from Silicon Valley. An evening like this helps to ground all of us and enjoy Christmas in the Hawaiian Islands.

We are looking forward to an amazing and successful real estate year specializing in all that the Kohala Coast and it's luxury real estate market bring to our clients. Our website continues to improve climbing nicely on the Google and other search engine stratosphere. But, more than anything it is all about creating lasting relationships with our clients and friends. The Big Island of Hawaii is a small place even though it is called the Big Island. Everyone knows each other here. We are a family, we call it Ohana.

Dec. 24, 2019

Wishing All of Our Ohana and Friends A Very Merry 2019 Christmas and A Happy 2020 New Year From Luxury Big Island

Dec. 22, 2019

Kohala Coast's Big Island Whale Season Spectacle Has Arrived With a Splash

It is the time of year yet once again. The Whales from the Alaskan glacier waters have arrived for warmth and to give birth to their offspring. This annual spectacle can only be witnessed for it's true beauty in person along the bluest of waters on the Kohala Coast. The Big Island of Hawaii is home to scenes that almost resemble a national geographic documentary. Last week when I was on a showing my buyer clients and I witnessed a beautiful whale come straight out of the water with splashing authoritative demand. Then again just 3 days later while playing tennis, it happened to me again. This is only the beginning as it will go on all the way up until March. April and May. Just as if that were not enough, I had a visit with a tennis friend at his home that he is planning to see after the new year, and 3 whales sighting for me took place all in the span of 1 week.

Many believe that hearing whales singing at night can truly bring much soothing to our soul. If you ever wonder what it would be like to live in one of these fantastic gated communities on the Kohala Coast just ask those who do. Our friends have built their custom dream home in Kohala by the Sea from the ground up. As a matter of fact they built two. One for their parents and one for themselves. Located just a stones through from the most imperial pacific ocean waters of Hawaii, these stunning gated estates are only something most people on the mainland united states can dream about. Some residents would not give up their views and sounds of these majestic ocean creatures. The whales keep coming back for years to their beloved spot and sanctuary - Hawaii.

The truth is that even though the best sightings can take place from January to March the humpback whales are actually here from November until May. Yes all that time. For those who are not lucky enough to own one of these luxury homes you can also book a tour on a whale watching boat or cruise. There is also a super large following of volunteers who would love to have newcomers come on board to donate their time. Whale counts is just one way to get involved to help keep our ocean and marine life healthy and safe.  If you have never seen a large whale come up out of the water and make a splash, then you are in for a once in a lifetime surprise. The big question is whether you will be doing it from your amazing Hawaii luxury dream home or up close and personal from a tour boat. Two amazing ways to become one with Hawaii's wild outdoor and exotic ocean life.

Kohala Coast (Whale Sighting and Whale Watching) Gated Communities:

Recently Listed Kohala Waterfront Homes and Land

Recently Listed Kohala by the Sea Homes and Land

Recently Listed Kohala Ranch Homes and Land

Recently Listed Puakea Bay Ranch Homes and Land

Recently Listed Kohala Kai Homes and Land

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Dec. 9, 2019

Shopping the Fine Stores of Kohala Coast's Big Island Hawaii [Tiffany & Co.]

Kohala Coast is Not Just About Luxury Real Estate - The High End Shopping is Extraordinary Too

There are shopping experiences to be had all over this country. Outlet malls in West Palm beach to massive shopping hubs in Beverly Hills. The one thing you won't find in those places are places like the Kings Shops in Waikoloa or even private experiences such as Hildgund located downstairs below the main lobby at Hualalai Resort Four Seasons. These are all some of the best of the best in the world. You would never think that they would have such a beautiful array and display right here at the resorts located on the Kohala Coast. 

Tiffany and Co. has been around for many years now. In fact since 1837 in New York where it all began. You can ready about it all right here:

Tiffany and Co. history and information

When we all go on vacation we like to enjoy the finer things in life. This means a luxurious shopping outing can play a great role in making our already superior vacation even better. With stores like Na Hoku and Maui Divers it is no wonder that tourism plays such a large role in Hawaii's bottom line economically. With pricey homes and condos and luxury Hawaii real estate comes the attribute of living life like today is our last day. Our time on earth truly is borrowed. 

Na Hoku has really done well for itself. This is a store that my family and I have cherished in the islands for well over 20 years now. The great news too that many might not know about is that they carry a great selection of fine men's offerings. Watches, rings, and even bracelets are just a few. But what really captivates the hearts and minds of shoppers are the stories behind their work. 

Take a little bit of time to learn about:

Na Hoku and their fantastic island tradition

With all this focus on fine luxury jewelry and how it's pacific history is strongly rooted in some of their designs, it would only make sense to add that the real estate compliments it just right if you find the perfect place to call home. Below, we have put together some of our best choices and recommendations for 2019 of resort style communities that only the most pickiest buyers would want to see and show off to their families and friends. We love to focus on the best properties available, and this blog is simply no exception.

Our Top 5 Luxury Condo Picks for 2019 on the Kohala Coast of Big Island Hawaii:

1. Kolea

2. Halii Kai

3. Ka Milo at Mauna Lani

4. Hualalai Resort

5. Uplands at Mauna Kea