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Oct. 23, 2019

The Big Island of Hawaii Is The Newest Island Of All The Hawaiian Islands

Big Island Is The Newest Island Of All The Islands

The 3 Best Kept Secrets About The Big Island

The title says it all, but even as things are new in this world - others will remain the same. So, as the big island continues to create new lava and Pele keeps adding to the already amazing lively landscape, there are some areas that will hopefully continue to be part of our classic spots to explore.

1. Waialea Beach (Beach 69)

Located in between Puako and Hapuna Beach just off Queen Kaahumanu Highway, this destination once used to be all dirt road and nothing was paved. As time passes on, even the best of all places have a hard time resisting change. This is the only part about Beach 69 that I am not a big fan of. Back in our college days it used to be all dirt roads making it harder to get there. You could actually camp overnight too and have a fire. Now the gates close at 7:30pm so please be sure to be out of there by then. Some of the real estate in this location cannot be touched and is simply unrivaled by anything else in the world.

The Best Hawaii Luxury Beach and Oceanfront Kohala Coast Real Estate For Sale

2. Volcano Village

While thousands of visitors each year continue to pour in to visit Volcanoes National Park, many and we mean many will never even set foot up in Volcano Village. This place is beyond spectacular. It is quaint and surreal to be more like it. There is a little gas station, places to eat (Tuk-Tuk - Thai food), stay, and even an amazing golf course called Volcano Golf & Country Club.

The Best Hawaii Quaint Cottage Retreats for sale on the Big Island of Hawaii

3. Richardson's Beach

As you pass the Matson Port in Hilo most people would simply turn around thinking there is not much more to see. A little bit of a further drive and you will notice that on the left of you some of the absolute most secluded and stunning beaches of Hilo cannot be missed. On the right is Keaukaha, an elegant neighborhood of beachside homes. Quaint, vintage, and Hawaiiana at it's finest. These lagoons and beaches will leave you breathless. Weekends can tend to get a bit busy with the local residents. The snorkeling will never be matched.

The Best Hawaii Luxury Oceanfront Hilo and Hamakua Coast Real Estate for Sale

Sometimes the best kept secrets are not always worth keeping...

There comes a time in everyone's life where it is just as fulfilling to share something great as it is to keep it to yourself. These three beautiful places many times go by unnoticed by visitors to the big island and even us the local residents. This is a shame because they are all free to go to and enjoy. However, they are very special so please respect their locations and always be sure to clean up after yourself when there.

Hawaiian beaches have some of the most beautiful scenery and unspoiled coastlines. There is a reason for this. It is because the local residents care about their islands. If you ever want to volunteer to help clean up there are many opportunities too. Several local organizations are ready to help guide you in making sure that your efforts go a long way.

At Luxury Big Island it is not all about selling real estate for us. We are involved in the community and want to stay humble to our roots when it comes to making sure that our children will be able to make the most of this magical place. Exactly the same way that we have been able to do.

Hawaii's Big Island quite simply - is a place above all else.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Oct. 15, 2019

Kona Iron Man World Championships Hawaii's Big Island Volunteer Work 2019

It's Not All About Just Doing Work That Gets Us Compensated...

It's for the Love of Humanity and Beyond

This past weekend was a full fledged success when it comes to filling the mind and soul. As the announcer continued to call out each runner coming across the finish line, I can't bare to stop and recall that magical sound "[Competitor's Name] - YOU ARE AN IRON MAN". As defined by the North American dictionary, Philanthropy - Is "the desire to promote the welfare of others". It goes on to talk about donating money as well but that is not the path we are here to promote in this particular blog. Not that donations aren't appreciated just the same.

My family and I took the time out this Saturday, October 12th to volunteer and give back to a great cause and to the community. This was and always will be an experience that we will continue to be a part of. The desire for the human mind to succeed at whatever that course of action may be, has always intrigued all of us. The push that these machine like programmed athletes are able to fulfill is almost non comprehensive. To think that they start at 6:30am in the morning and come across the finish line more than 12 hours later is surreal. The official website for the Kailua-Kona location is right below:


We took our kids with us and showed them by leading in example. Our position that we were assigned to was in the best location possible, we were right by the finish line on Alii Drive and our task was to tend to the large tented area where the food for all the volunteers was being offered and distributed. Margo and Franz were a real delight to work with and volunteer for. Both are super calm and collected individuals who poured their hearts and minds into the entire event - from start to finish.

It comes as no surprise how well the results for the 2019 Kona Iron Man Championships (link courtesy of CNN) were delivered. This all ensured that the day and evening ran smoothly. It's not always just about making money in life and chasing financial gains. As hard as we all work, this was one of those days where we were able to feel the excitement and endurance together with the best triathletes on the planet. We were more then compensated. And to see these competitors come across that small ramp platform was a moment and snapshot in time. The ones that came in collapsing and cramping left the most effect on me to put it lightly. Next year my wife was mentioning we should volunteer to be the ones who assist the athletes as they come across the finish line. At least the ones who need it.

I have been reminded again this weekend that our time here on earth is borrowed and that mankind can exceed all goals and expectations... a new-found level of motivation is the best way to put it and I simply can't wait to get involved again. For now I go back to working hard at doing what I love the most, selling Hawaii luxury real estate here on the Big Island. See you at next year's event in Kona 2020.

Active link below to Habitat for Humanity Hawai'i Island:

Oct. 1, 2019

Open House This Week in Mauna Lani Resort Just Listed - $2.9 Million

Open House Announcement for New Listing - October 2019

Beautiful and Exotic Hawaii Koi Fish at Luxury Home - Open House in Mauna Lani Resort

I am holding an open house this week at a spectacular home in Mauna Lani. This is by far in my opinion the best home on the market for the price. The beautiful finishes and art renderings painted on the walls are only to the taste of the highest imagination. It has just been listed for $2.9 Million, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths all with just over 3,806 square feet of living area. Homes like this don't come up often and especially not so close to the Mauna Lani Beach Club. A short 5-7 minute stroll and you are at the club. The layout of the home is such that it is meant for open concept living with an overlay of sliding glass doors leading out to the spectacular golf course views. The lava field views in the distance also help add to the serene Hawaiian sunset evening views.

Hawaiian Koi also known as Japanese Koi are some of the most beautiful fish in the world. We are offering a couple of links to learn more and if you are looking to have some at your Hawaii luxury residence these may be options for you to learn a little bit from:

Kodama Koi Farm

Hawaii Tropical Fish Gardens

Depending on the amount of work required to maintain your property and to what length it takes to feed the fish, clean their surrounding water areas it can cost anywhere between $200 to $600 per month. There are several companies that will be able to guide you with your maintenance needs. Their team of professionals do a really great job in the specialization of Koi Pond Servicing. Island Aquascapes is just one of those great teams, you can ask for Dyland the owner. He really knows his profession and is a field expert.

The Big Island of Hawaii is a remarkable place that offers unique homes with spectacular Hawaii Koi Fish for their surroundings. The resorts and malls of Hawaii such as Ala Moana Mall also are considered wonderful places to go and view these calm and collected graceful fish.

Link to Mauna Lani Resort Luxury Home For Sale With Tropical Japanese/Hawaiian Koi

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island 808-785-3590 direct

Sept. 15, 2019

Hawaii's Million Dollar Luxury Homes With Remote Privacy and Exotic Water Access



When I was first offered a full tennis scholarship to the University of Hawaii at Hilo it kind of didn't really sink in. I guess because at that time I was talking with bigger schools like Stanford, Duke, and even Florida. University of Hawaii at Hilo during those days and even today is a division II tennis school, so rightfully so I was only wanting to play division I. It got to the point where I was also only willing to go on a full ride and nothing less. Talk about high standards.

Fast forward 23 years later and here I am still on the beautiful and extremely exotic Big Island of Hawaii. This place is home, it always will be for me and my family. I have moved and lived around the mainland United States for a few years even in luxurious places such as Sarasota, Florida. I have also resided in Austria, Canada, Poland, and other fantastic places around the globe. Those times were only to be short lived and I was quickly reminded of what the Big Island really is all about. There are days like today where my mind is so fully engulfed in only thinking about Hawaii luxury resort homes and the super rich clientele that are able to afford them. What will my next marketing approach be, will the sellers and buyers we are working with be happy with what we do? This is my day and all that it entails.

There are these thoughts that sometimes we need to take a deep breath from it all and step back to realize that there is more in life than just making money. When I came back to the Big Island after a short stint of being away, I realized that to me it really does not matter where it is on this island that I live. Obviously I love the Kohala Coast so much and that is where I am but truly this rock overall has all kinds of great locations you can call home.

Believe it or not, I am just super ecstatic and happy to be on this island. There is no other place around that has all these different climates, beaches, and tropical landscapes. So, sometimes when we get all caught up in raising the bar super high like at the division 1 tennis level, we need to stop and remind ourselves that not everything is greener on the other side. If I didn't commit to coming to University of Hawaii at Hilo to play division II tennis, I never would have even tasted to know the fruit that grows in this gorgeous place called Hawaii. As cliche as that may actually sound.

One last reminder is to make sure you search out for unique oceanfront homes and estates, waterfall homes, and large acreage properties. It is not always perfect living in the resorts so why not call us to discuss the possibilities of looking at other types of properties and unique opportunities. We are licensed Brokers who bring many years of top tier knowledge to assist you in making the most important real estate decisions you will ever make.

Let's find a way to get you here sooner rather than later. This is the Big Island and we get to call it home.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Sept. 15, 2019

One of the Best Bakeries in All of Hawaii Is Right Here on the Big Island - Punalu'u Bake Shop

New Content Page Launched for Punalu'u Bake Shop

Please take the time to check out our new page we just launched below:

Punaluu Bake Shop

We were fortunate enough to decide to head back home to Waikoloa the long way as most residents would call it when leaving Volcano. We enjoyed a beautiful family stay this past weekend at Volcano House and what a treat it was to stop at the bakery in Naalehu. Their variety of ice cream, bread, and cookies could make almost anyone light a smile on their face. If you have never had a chance to stop in to this world of a wonder then maybe the time is now.

Naalehu Real Estate:

All Active and Latest Kau/Naalehu/Captain Cook Homes for Sale

All Active and Latest Kau/Naalehu/Captain Cook Vacant Land for Sale

All Luxury Listings in Kau/Naalehu/Captain Cook Areas - (4 at time of this blog being published)

5 Newest Oceanfront Listings Near Punalu'u Bake Shop

Sept. 11, 2019

Ever Wonder What a $10 Million View Looks Like? In Hawaii?

Clarke Advisors has just listed this remarkable Hawaii luxury estate for just under $10 Million U.S.

With all of the finer touches and nothing being spared, it is no wonder that a home of this stature should draw the attention of some of the most wealthiest buyers in the world. Would it be too much to ask, is there even another property like this available anywhere else? Maybe somewhere on the mainland but certainly not in a tropical setting with this much privacy, seclusion, and ocean views.

For a private showing of this magnificent new custom home, please reach out to our Broker in Charge, Paul Adams with Luxury Big Island. We offer some of the most exclusive real estate available on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Kohala Coast is our market and we are here to serve our clients with privacy and integrity.

Active Mauna Kea Luxury Listings Hawaii's Finest Homes

Full MLS Listing Information for 62-3966 Lanikeha Place, Kamuela

Sept. 9, 2019

Hawaii Luxury Tennis Facility - Orchid at Mauna Lani - Pro Tennis

Is This Possibly The Best Looking Center Court In Hawaii?

The Orchid at Mauna Lani has been home to some of the finest tennis matches one would expect on a private remote island in Hawaii. The famous Woodies who won Wimbledon 5 times have visited to play an exhibition match against our very own Broker in Charge Paul Adams. The majority of the community especially all the tennis enthusiasts from the Big Island - Hilo and Kona side. Tennis in Hawaii has always had a strong sense of community with some really great semi-pros going all the way to play for top division 1 and 2 schools.

The center court at this great facility here at the Orchid has a nice setting where many fans can sit with a cocktail and enjoy watching a competitive singles or doubles match. For some reason it is very private and secluded at the resort and the tennis facility is no exception to that. To the right of the courts there is a landscaped lot which exhibits a meeting area for functions and company events. There are mens and womens lockers, hot tub spa facility and pro shop to go along with all of the needs that tennis players would expect. If you are looking to have your racquet strung this place will take care of it's homeowners and visitors too.

The wide range of luxury homes, villas, and condos at the Mauna Lani offer real estate with views of the ocean, gardens, and even mountain and Mauna Kea views. To this day, there has not been any sign of the market slowing down when relating to long term investments on the Kohala Coast and the inventory inside of the Mauna Lani resort. The Point, The Golf Villas, and even Champions Ridge at Mauna Lani are all really great property settings. 49 Black Sand Beach is another notable mention for special places on the island. We have spoken with owners who say that they truly believe this place is heaven. Quiet, private, secluded, and very special. So, if you are a tennis enthusiast, and love real estate that leaves you feeling tranquil and alone, the Orchid at Mauna Lani may be the place for you and your family.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island

Sept. 3, 2019

Kona Oceanfront Homes Still Available for $1 Million and Condos for Less

Amazing Listings Still Available in Kona Homes for $1 Million and Condos for Half The Price

Alii Drive has become a sort of iconic street. The beaches, the shops, the restaurants, and the real estate. Oceanfront condos and homes line this once horse carriage traveled street. It is famous for many stories, pastimes, and historical monuments too. It should come as a surprise that you can purchase a home for just a little bit over $1 million in 2019.

With Magic Sands just a short walk away from all of the great oceanfront homes currently listed, it is no wonder that buyers are starting to see the potential of this great area. At this time there are 5 homes listed under $2 Million directly situated on the water. Some start with as low as 2 bedrooms and go all the way up to 4 bedrooms. Interestingly enough the lowest priced listing that is offered for $1,090,000 comes with an STVR (Short Term Vacation Rental) license. This makes it all that much better to be able to offset your expenses and still reserve the home for your personal use when coming into town.

With the current hotel buy outs such as Marriott at King Kamehameha the prices of average rooms has gone up to as high as $300 per night once all is said and done including taxes. With that in mind, you can find friends or family to split the cost with you and rent out a really nice oceanfront home for double that cost per night but be in your own private waterfront Kailua Kona oceanfront estate.

Below, is the link to this once in a lifetime opportunity. We are also including some condo links for those looking for an even better price.

Oceanfront Condos:

Keauhou Kona Surf & Racquet

Kona Bali Kai

Oceanfront Homes:

Active Kona Oceanfront Home Available for just over $1 Million

Other Active Kona Oceanfront Homes on Alii Drive

The Best Oceanfront Home in South Kona for Under $1.4 Million

The Most Expensive Kona Oceanfront Home Listed for $52,500,000

Aug. 23, 2019

Mauna Kea Beach Resort Best Available Luxury Home On Entire Kohala Coast

Mauna Kea Beach Resort - Luxury Listing Re-designed By World Famous Designer.

They say that once in a lifetime an opportunity presents itself. This is that time.

Listing description and video below courtesy of listing brokerage - Clarke Advisors:

Remodeled by famous interior designer Christian Grevstad, this home with 3,500 sq. ft. under roof is located in the South Fairways of the Mauna Kea Resort; completely private and beautifully landscaped with stunning 180 degree ocean views. The outdoor garden features a non-chlorinated 30' lap pool, hot tub, outdoor shower and a covered lanai. The home faces westerly overlooking the turquoise waters of Kauna'oa Bay with Maui views and nightly sunsets to dazzle. Remodeled with designer finishes of locally handcrafted sustainable wood, reclaimed teak and modern furnishings imported from Europe. The home uses terrazzo Italian Carrera slab marble and imported glass tile extensively, also includes many contemporary and mid-century art; current owner added new floors, fixtures, appliances, wall treatment, rebuilt the pool, created the driveway, added the carport and storage units, new landscaping (palms, Royal Poinciana, Hong Kong Orchid, plumerias) and built the detached two bedrooms.
The home has a casual open-space floor plan with glass sliding doors that open every room to the private outdoor setting. The kitchen is equipped with Viking appliances, a wine cabinet and water purification system. The living room features a media center with a large wall-mounted TV and a Sonos sound system with speakers in every room of the home including the lanai. Air-conditioning in all the bedrooms. The main living area is designed to enjoy our wonderful trades with several ceiling fans and large sliding screened doors that can be opened for maximum natural ventilation. Offered fully furnished.

Please contact Paul Adams 808-785-3590 direct, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island.


Aug. 17, 2019

Hapuna Beach, Hawaii - The Greatest Beach In the World For Luxury Home Buyers

Hapuna Beach - A World of it's Own

Hapuna Beach is a place that will never ever be matched by any other. There may be some beaches that are more exotic or have a different feel to them, but Hapuna Beach overall has everything.  This small little ocean stretch has been home to some of the richest residents, visitors, and second home owners Hawaii has ever seen.