Market Timing May Not Be What It Is Made Out To Be

In detailed conversations with buyers seeking to acquire Big Island luxury real estate, the topic that most often comes up is market timing. Everyone wants to know when the best time is, so they can feel like they made a wise informed decision. The truth of the matter is that Big Island real is a bit of a different product that other parts of the country. The Kohala Coast in which our team specializes has been a second home luxury vacation staple for 20+ years. The rich and those who appreciate the finer aspects of life, have to come to know this little part of the world as "the last great piece of paradise". There is no major congestion here, no busy traffic lights, and certainly no bumper to bumper traffic either. The real beauty of this place are the blue ocean hues which can been seen from driving along the main highway or simply taking the time to go to one of the iconic Kohala Coast beaches.

These factors in and off themselves continue to attract the very wealthy who are seeking to get away from their typical busy way of life back on the US mainland. So, when it comes to market prices and conditions, yes the Big Island real estate market has cooled off a little bit and we are seeing some prices changes. However, for anyone who thinks we are headed into a market crash like we saw in 2007, we personally do not believe that to be the case. As the world population continues to increase and retirement looms in the near distance for many Americans, Hawaii remains one of the last greatest tropical frontiers left on earth where they can feel safe about putting their money and investing wisely. Resorts such has Hualalai, Kukio, Kohanaiki, Mauna Kea, and Mauna Lani are continuing to see a steady flow of new listings coming on the market at newly achievable and never before seen prices.

For example, our team currently listed one of the finest new construction homes available anywhere in the world. For $7 million you can have the absolute best home in Mauna Kea Resort with a custom luxury pool, gated community and private home gate, all with one of the most spectacular coastline ocean views available anywhere. The Big Island is home to an array of multi millionaires and billionaires parking their money in some of the most timeless real estate offerings imaginable. The Mauna Kea Resort is one of those unmatched locations that for those who know what it is, not much more needs to be said. Therefore, we believe in the long run this is one of the best places for anyone who is looking to buy real estate to invest with confidence. The Kona and Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii are distinguished and inordinate in every way imaginable.

6 Active and Available Ultra Luxury High End Listings on Kohala Coast, Hawaii


1. 62-3768 AMAUI DR, KAMUELA - $7,000,000

2. 62-3922 KAUNAOA IKI RD, KAMUELA - $7,195,000

3. 69-1027 NAUPAKA KAI PL Unit 1, KAMUELA - $7,250,000

4. 69-1798 PUAKO BEACH DR, KAMUELA - $7,300,000

5. 62-3762 KAUNAOA NUI RD, KAMUELA - $7,995,000

6. 68-1011 KE KAILANI DR, KAMUELA - $12,900,000

Contributed by Luxury Big Island