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Hawaii has always been the perfect palette for some of the most exotic and luxurious ultra high end real estate in the world. Waikiki is by far home to one of the greatest beaches on the planet and just the ambiance of tropical splendor that is on display throughout this part of the islands is really irreplaceable. Harold Clarke Advisors is working closely and tirelessly with his team to bring to fruition one of the greatest landmark properties ever to enter Hawaii. The Residences at Mandarin Oriental are going to offer owners and residents the highest in class luxury living all while being encompassed by the best dining, and amenity rich lifestyle imaginable. 

The Time is Now for the Mandarin Oriental Brand to Enter Hawaii

Going all the way back to it's traced history of 1963, the Mandarin Oriental opened it's first doors in Hong Kong under the original name of The Mandarin. Today the company has a total of 33 properties dispersed proudly throughout the world. Of those, 20 of them are partially owned by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group International (MOHG). However, the true history dates back even further than this. Asia has always been home to some of the most impressive architectural hotels and residences in the world. Cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Tokyo has being path and trend setters alike.

In 1876 the official opening of the Oriental Hotel took place and even more, two Americans by the names of Captain Atkins Dyer and Willian West opened the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok Siam. Today there is so much more than anyone could even think possible when it comes to the marketing and branding behind such an illustrious and opulent name. For those lucky and fortunate enough to stay for a couple of nights in any Mandarin Oriental hotel or residence, they know exactly what they are going to get and what to expect. Only the finest elevation in luxury living available the wold over.

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