Kohala Coast Luxury Homes, Condos, and Land - Seize the Opportunity 

For nearly 20 years now I have been working with serious investors and oceanfront buyers who are solely focused on opportunities in the Hawaii real estate market that show unique upside. Signs and factors including hesitation and panic from the markets offer the perfect platform to make or pursue a fantastic deal.

For example, I had one beachfront client who purchased several properties from me in the past, only pursue those that have no offers on the table and those properties that have been sitting on the market for a long time. These were the type that were most appealing to this particular luxury buyer.

Call it savvy investing, I call it "intelligent investor" like Warren Buffet's mentor Benjamin Graham. The current economic market in Hawaii is more than being affected right now by the world stage - which in turn is dealing with a massive global pandemic as we all know it.

For this reason, the best time to buy real estate is right now. The stock market in the last 10 years plus has continued to climb and along with it the real estate market has allowed sellers to dictate asking prices, which essentially ends in newer and higher price levels. Most recessional recoveries occur much faster when the actual recession was not caused by a real estate downturn.

This is the absolute best time to buy. Listings are sitting, real estate agents phones have gone almost silent. If you are a buyer that has been thinking about making a move on a Hawaii property, especially one that you have seen in person, this is the time to do it.

The Hawaii luxury real estate market on the Kohala Coast is one of the most attractive pieces of prized real estate anywhere in the world and especially in the State of Hawaii. The density for privacy, blue coastal views, and oceanfront mega mansions abound for those who come to the realization that certain times like these may not be here for long.

This is one of those times - let's take care of it together.

Contributed by Paul Adams, BIC - Luxury Big Island