When I was first offered a full tennis scholarship to the University of Hawaii at Hilo it kind of didn't really sink in. I guess because at that time I was talking with bigger schools like Stanford, Duke, and even Florida. University of Hawaii at Hilo during those days and even today is a division II tennis school, so rightfully so I was only wanting to play division I. It got to the point where I was also only willing to go on a full ride and nothing less. Talk about high standards.

Fast forward 23 years later and here I am still on the beautiful and extremely exotic Big Island of Hawaii. This place is home, it always will be for me and my family. I have moved and lived around the mainland United States for a few years even in luxurious places such as Sarasota, Florida. I have also resided in Austria, Canada, Poland, and other fantastic places around the globe. Those times were only to be short lived and I was quickly reminded of what the Big Island really is all about. There are days like today where my mind is so fully engulfed in only thinking about Hawaii luxury resort homes and the super rich clientele that are able to afford them. What will my next marketing approach be, will the sellers and buyers we are working with be happy with what we do? This is my day and all that it entails.

There are these thoughts that sometimes we need to take a deep breath from it all and step back to realize that there is more in life than just making money. When I came back to the Big Island after a short stint of being away, I realized that to me it really does not matter where it is on this island that I live. Obviously I love the Kohala Coast so much and that is where I am but truly this rock overall has all kinds of great locations you can call home.

Believe it or not, I am just super ecstatic and happy to be on this island. There is no other place around that has all these different climates, beaches, and tropical landscapes. So, sometimes when we get all caught up in raising the bar super high like at the division 1 tennis level, we need to stop and remind ourselves that not everything is greener on the other side. If I didn't commit to coming to University of Hawaii at Hilo to play division II tennis, I never would have even tasted to know the fruit that grows in this gorgeous place called Hawaii. As cliche as that may actually sound.

One last reminder is to make sure you search out for unique oceanfront homes and estates, waterfall homes, and large acreage properties. It is not always perfect living in the resorts so why not call us to discuss the possibilities of looking at other types of properties and unique opportunities. We are licensed Brokers who bring many years of top tier knowledge to assist you in making the most important real estate decisions you will ever make.

Let's find a way to get you here sooner rather than later. This is the Big Island and we get to call it home.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor, Broker in Charge - Luxury Big Island