Hapuna Beach, Hawaii - For Those Who Know, They Hold a Wondrous Secret

There comes a time in everyone's life in which we reflect on the places we have been and the places we have seen. The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the special places which many hold dear to their hearts. The laid back feel, the quality of year-round weather, and best of all the sandy beachfront shores scattered along it's coasts. Hapuna Beach is an exotic location that creates magical sunsets and provides swimmers and ocean lovers with a constant availability of calm and precious waters.

For many years over now, it has been rated in the top ten beaches in the world and continues to do so time and time again. Hapuna Beach is the island's largest sandy beach stretching approximately for half a mile long. Yet still, Google reviews for this location are just under 1,000 but all in high the ratings are super high with an average of 4.8 from it's users. This is very nice to see as it speaks volumes for the type of sanctuary it provides to those who what it is.

Real estate in the Hapuna Beach area is especially reserved for those who are able to splurge and afford mostly second homes and condos. The level of luxury in the area will surprise most visitors including those coming here for the first time. Homes and condos in the $1 million plus range is the norm with most ocean view properties commanding even more upwards in the $5 million plus range.

Luxury sprawling estates in the Mauna Kea Resort area adjacent to the beaches right hand side have sold for as much as $10 million or more. The exquisiteness of this location simply cannot be matched considering all that are receiving. Privacy, views, custom luxury construction, and above all peace and serenity. Hapuna Beach to some of us is a place that we first came to explore while we were in college on the other side of the island attending UH Hilo. From then on, it simply became known as the place to go and be.

Below, we have compiled an up to date, active, and live links area for the newest listings hear Hapuna Beach, including the largest most recent sale:

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