Big Island of Hawaii - A Place of Luxury and Solitude

The Big Island is Hawaii's biggest island, with a population density lower than Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. This means there are fewer people in the wider scope allowing for your private use of magnificent beaches. The luxury real estate for this reason is at a prime in demand. At any given moment, there are fewer hotels and people on the island, which means you'll have more of the island to yourself while you explore. The island's west side beaches are gorgeous, with some of the state's purest water. You'll travel through hundreds of distinct terrains and climates on your trip across the island. The Big Island features 10 of the 15 climatic zones that exist on our planet, according to the Koppen Climate Classification System.

Some of the benefits of living on the Big Island include a slower pace of life and respect for the earth. There is plenty of Hawaii Island land for sale if you're interested in farming or simply expanding your horizons. Some Hawaii Island real estate is less expensive than the other Hawaiian Islands. Some of the Kohala Coast luxury resort projects are among the most expensive properties in the Hawaii real estate market. Whatever your budget, you may discover Hawaii single-family houses for sale, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, duplexes, and even some "off the grid" living. The activities available here are almost as diversified. First and foremost, there is the lava. You may also explore over tropical reefs and participate in a sunset snowball battle on Mauna Kea's peak a few hours later. Then there's the Manta Ray night dive, which is truly amazing. The Manta Ray Night Snorkel is, without a doubt, the unique activity on the Big Island.

The Big Island is home to fertile agricultural soils, snow-capped peaks, lush tropical flora, lava rock fields, white sandy beaches, and barren places that stretch for kilometers. The state's sugarcane plantation tradition has left all of the islands with a profusion of charming tiny villages, together with Big Island. In Kailua-Kona, you'll discover resorts, wonderful restaurants, shopping, and other amenities. Overall, on an island nearly the size of Connecticut, there are a variety of lifestyles to choose from. But one thing is certain: The Big Island offers stunning beaches, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, whale watching, surfing, watersports, hiking, and vibrant cultural life.

The white sands of Kukio Beach might very well be seen on the Big Island's Kohala Coast. Coconut palms, ironwood, and mesquite trees border Kukio Beach's white sands along with a few tiny brackish-water ponds. The tideline of the beach is contoured by lava rocks, which produce tidal pools where children may see marine life. Hualalai Resort is likewise a must-see and magnificent destination on the Big Island. The place is full of adventures, natural luxuries, and aquatic life. This coastal region, originally a fishing town and has now been turned into the Kona-Kohala Coast on Hawai'i Island, has established a new standard in hospitality. Hualalai is a little section of the island's vast discovery, welcoming a new generation to live and work there. The real estate at Kukio and Hualalai are ever so private, pristine, and most of all ultra high-end. Nothing compares to it in the world.


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Contributed by Paul Adams, BIC - Luxury Big Island