Our sincere wishes go out to all of the amazing Mother's out there...

We cherish those who have sacrificed so much for their families over the years. May is a special time for our team here at Luxury Big Island, we are just winding down from the busy winter and spring season where the market is always doing well. Some of the most incredible opportunities actually occur at this time of the year. Those who have held Hawaii real estate investments are starting to think about potentially selling now that the rental market may not be as busy as it was during the winter season.

Inventory here on the Kohala Coast remains super low and considering all other factors it will more than likely continue to be this way for some time. Tropical real estate markets the world over are continuing to see an influx of buyers swiftly acquiring the best listings as prices continue to move in an upward direction. With many retirees purchasing second homes in Hawaii, Florida, and Arizona, these three hot spots are even seriously beginning to affect other US markets as well. The upper tier market listings in Hawaii are also moving and selling at are record pace.

The great news about all of this is that the integrity of high valued real estate such as what the Kohala Coast will certainly continue to demand those who understand what true luxury living in the Hawaiian Islands is all about. Hawaii celebrates holidays with passion. Mother's Day - May 9, 2021 is no exception, and today we celebrate this amazing day with our families and loved ones making it a time to reflect on what matters most.

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Contributed by Paul Adams, BIC - Luxury Big Island