The Amazingly Hidden Secret Restaurant in Hawaii's Top Mauna Kea Resort - "Copper Bar"

Was there ever was a time when you were looking for that special little place, away from it all, and inside one of Hawaii's best resort life locations? The Copper Bar at Mauna Kea Resort is all of that and more. Hidden downstairs on the bottom level below the main entrance lobby lies the answer to that question. On any given day you can stop by for an early lunch or cocktail and pretty much almost have the entire restaurant/bar all to yourself. I have been fortunate enough to stop by several times with good friends and co-workers for our meetings and to catch up on our business plans.

This is a very unique place because it is first of all very quiet and private. Each resort on the Kohala Coast including Kukio, Hualalai, Mauna Lani, Waikoloa, and Mauna Kea all have them. The Copper Bar also has some of the finest service you will ever find or experience for that matter. It is considered a casual attire bar cafe that serves remarkable 100% Kona coffee and offers it's visitors un-matched quality food with a twist of flavors to truly remember. Muffins, yogurt, quiche, breakfast delights, and a whole lot more? Does this sound great or what.

Overlooking Kauna'oa Bay, this place comes to life in it's own clean and classy manner. There simply will not be a time that you won't forget a visit to this relaxing and sun lit casual bar. Open in the mornings as early as 11am you can sit in peace with your morning cup of coffee or cappuccino and let your thoughts take you away only to realize that this place is for real. A true rare reality and a secret like no other.

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