A Picture Is Worth A Million Words - In Mauna Kea Resort It's More Like A Billion

This evening our family decided to go out to our first ultra luxury dinner since buying our newest home. It was a spectacular weekend and with all the hard work we have been putting in what better way to unwind and relax. The Mauna Kea Resort is now part of the Autograph Collection and to have dinner with the family was more than just special. The Copper Bar is well known for it's amazing lunchtime food and all around luxurious beachfront location and atmosphere. Dinner is at an even higher level. Tiki torches were lit, the resorts incredible renovations speak volumes throughout, and the service and staff were as friendly as it will ever get.

The beach has always been home to some of the most wealthiest owners and visitors who know that this truly is the absolute best place in Hawaii. The Kohala Coast might be special, but Mauna Kea Resort is the ultra highly sought after location for those who know that nothing better exists. Back in the mid 1960's when the resort finally opened it doors it was actually ranked as the #1 resort in the world. If you were a celebrity, high profile business person, or just super rich, this was the place to be seen. It is super amazing how times change but yet how many things still remain the same. For example, the huge wooden beams and pillars throughout the resort resemble masterpiece architecture that was certainly way ahead of it's time.

South Fairways and North Fairways are both great locations to own a home within the gated resort. With one of the best rated luxury tennis complexes in the country, you can stay in shape and find solace throughout the entire vicinity of Mauna Kea Beach and it's surroundings. Experience a round of of golf for the first time and you will see why it's loyal returning visitors keep coming back for more. The Mauna Kea logo is also super classy and unique. Simple and yet powerful. The orange stands out and makes a statement. With whale season now amongst us, the Mauna Kea Beach Resort and Copper Bar go hand in hand for some intimate sightings. If you have not come to visit this luxurious real estate mecca, then maybe it is time to book a trip to Mauna Kea Resort. The finest in Hawaii vacating and relaxation all rolled into one.