Our family most recently found solace in escaping to the other side of the island to see the majestic yet mysterious lava action at Volcanoes National Park at the crater. To capture this type of moment it is best to go and view at night. It is believed by scientists that within the next month the crater will continue to fill up and provide viewers and visitors with even more amazing photography.

One of the top three places to stay in our opinion are the Hale Ohia Cottages. The owner is a super amazing and friendly person who will treat you right. This is an enchanting place that will leave you yearning to come back time after time. The entrance is off the main road to your own private sanctuary. With 18 bedrooms/living quarters you can book the entire retreat for a company outing. The cottages are very peaceful with birds singing and light rainy mists showering overhead.

Everything as this magical enchantment will leave you speechless and breathless at the same time. The only other two great places to stay here from our experience are Kilauea Lodge and Volcano House. What makes the Ohia Cottages so special is that the seclusion and privacy cannot be rivaled. We are looking to going back soon and you should too. This is one of those places that we wanted to share with our clients so that it becomes one of their favorite places to book. An exotic Hawaii escape that will become a place to cherish with your family and friends for years to come.

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